Ground Operations 2: Chipper Specialist

Ground Operations 2: Chipper Specialist is designed to provide workers with safety knowledge and best practices for chipper operation.

This course covers:

  • Chipper Types and Hook Up
  • Getting Started
  • Chipper Operation
  • Chipper Maintenance
  • Using the Winch

The course blends online learning with on-the-job skills demonstrations. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate demonstrating your ability to learn and retain valuable industry knowledge.

1.75 ISA and CTSP CEUs

Please only sign up for one workshop offering, as seats are limited.


SHG Workshop Eligibility Requirements

Eligible to participate:

  • Full- or part-time commercial tree care company employers and owners.
  • Unemployed workers who want to work in the industry.
  • Private Tree Care company workers.

Not Eligible to participate:

  • Public employees per OSHA Guidelines – municipalities, parks, etc.
  • Workers from companies with 250 or more employees.

Unavailable at this time.