Aerial Lift Operations 1: Fundamentals On-Line Course and Workshop

Aerial Lift 1: Fundamentals is designed to provide workers with safety knowledge and best practices for aerial lift operation.

This course covers:

  • General Safety
  • Inspection, Preparation and Driving
  • Work Site Set-Up
  • Aerial Lift Operation
  • Chain Saw Use
  • Tricky Situations
  • Compact Lifts

The course blends online learning with on-the-job skills demonstrations. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate demonstrating your ability to learn and retain valuable industry knowledge.

2.75 ISA and CTSP CEUs


SHG Workshop Eligibility Requirements

Eligible to participate:

  • Full- or part-time commercial tree care company employers and owners.
  • Unemployed workers who want to work in the industry.
  • Private Tree Care company workers.

Not Eligible to participate:

  • Public employees per OSHA Guidelines – municipalities, parks, etc.
  • Workers from companies with 250 or more employees.


Unavailable at this time.